Working with Gain Focus offers education professionals the opportunity to make a telling difference to the lives of young people.  If this sounds like something that interests you, feel free read on and find out how you could join our mission to improve outcomes for the youth of Greater Manchester.

Focus Mentors

Focus Mentors are passionate about improving the liveliehood and life chances of children. They have a powerful impact on young peoples lives, through being a consistent, friendly and trustworthy influence on their mentees. As all of our programs are based on a one to one ratio, mentoring with Gain Focus Mentors offer a unique service that goes a long way.

Focus Teachers


Focus Teachers are ardent educators, who care deeply about the academic progress of every child they work with. They are flexible, caring individuals who understand that socio-economic and cultural factors needn't present a barrier to their learner's attainment. Our Focus Teachers are in the unique position of being able to deliver quality education, both academically and emotionally.