We intend to offer a unique service, built specifically around the individual. We take great care in ensuring our programmes have a specific purpose; because we understand that our clients and learners have specific needs.
— Anton Peruga, Director of Business and Education


What makes a Focus Mentor?

Focus Mentors are passionate about improving the livelihood and life chances of children. They have a powerful impact on young people's lives, through being a consistent, friendly and trustworthy influence on their mentees. As all of our programmes are based on a one to one ratio, mentoring with Gain Focus Mentors offer a unique service that goes a long way.

What does the role entail?

Focus Mentors enjoy a very eclectic and varied role, as each assignment is individualised to the mentee. However the fundamentals of the role, are extremely consistent; which is, of course, pivotal when providing an effective service to young people.

Core Responsibilities of a Focus Mentor

  • Act as a key reference point between the mentee and the school/ multi-agency team
  • Keep a record of mentee's behavioural progress and communicate this to all relevant professionals
  • Advocate for mentee's point of view in review meetings
  • Work to improve mentee's wellbeing through introducing them to relevant community organisations/activities
  • Become a source of trust and consistency for the mentee

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