Our Tier 2 services offer structured support and clarity to young people who are in the process of moving from one educational setting to another. The Mentors meet with learners who have been referred to an alternative provision due to behavioural issues, and support them through the whole process. Mental Health Workers (Education) can consolidate the transition coping strategies introduced by Mind the Gap Mentors once reintegration is complete, helping young people maintain progress and prevent relapses in behaviour.

An Example referral for Tier 2 Services:

I want to ensure Laura’s transition to the Pupil Referral Unit is successful, but I don’t have the capacity to be in two places at once

Mind the Gap Mentors, help to reduce the harmful Social and Emotional impact of transition between educational settings, by supporting young people through this process and beyond .

Our three step referral process

We are fully aware that time is of the essence when implementing a behaviour plan. Which is why we have simple, three step referral process for all of our services.