Our Tier 3 services have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of children who are Currently Missing Education (CME). These projects are underpinned by a holistic and bespoke timetable that is co-ordinated by our Learning and Behaviour Specialist

An Example referral for Tier 3 Services:

We have tried numerous strategies to engage this young person in Education. He is strongly against attending school.
— Virtual School Head Teacher

The Tier 3 programmes offer Multi-Agency teams, and the learners on their caseload, a unique service. These services are built to fit around the processes of professionals who work with vulnerable, disengaged children that are also CME. Through providing a holistic support service, the Safe Net Project provides a targeted programme that focuses on both the Academic and Social/ Emotional/Behavioural aspects of the learner's development. The Learning and Behaviour specialist, along with our dedicated tutor and mentor team, construct a completely individualised time-table for each learner referred on to the programme.

Our three step referral process

We are fully aware that time is of the essence when implementing a behaviour plan. Which is why we have simple, three step referral process for all of our services.